I can’t say that I woke up one morning as a teenager and said that I wanted to be an orthodontist. Nope- nothing like Hermie the elf who really wanted to be a dentist. It was a road to discover my passion- finding out what you are good at and what makes you happy. It was second year dental school that I decided orthodontics was what I really wanted to spend time doing. I realized that it fulfilled my interests- scientifically challenging; requiring good dexterity; dynamic control of a changing person; and lastly, treating patients that see the need for care and would be happy and appreciative with the end result.


I graduated with a Masters of Science as a Certified Orthodontist from Saint Louis University. At SLU I was awarded a Fellowship in the Cleft Palate program. I enjoyed learning and living in Saint Louis but I missed Toronto. I was lucky to find a practice available in Etobicoke so that I could come home. After 20 years of being an orthodontist what I like best about my job is making people smile. I know that they are more self confident and positive about themselves and I hope that translates into good things in their day-to-day lives.


Beyond my career I have many different interests. I have been fascinated with coral reef life since I was a teen and today I am lucky enough to enjoy a small piece of that world in my office. Several years ago I also was fortunate to start working in the Caribbean on the island of Grand Cayman where I enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in my off hours.


I also enjoy gardening and herpetology. I have bred panther chameleons and currently own a pair, keeping the male in the office. Nurturing is in my nature. Is it any wonder that when I renovated my office in 2011 that I chose all of my favourite things as a theme? I even have a sailboard I made when I was in dental school mounted on a wall- how cool is that!?